The word lies with you…

FRAN, 61

“There are many reasons for me to be part of Tea Time. First, because of the excellent team of teachers and the nice time I spend with my people at school. I have also improved my fluency in English, and every class I learn new things. Another important factor is the methodology designed for people who are 50+. They’ve nailed it!”


“When you’re lucky enough to find a place where you can learn English with friends of your age and also have fun, you stick around for a long time! That has happened to me.”

MARIA D., 62

“I’ve been studying English at Tea Time because it is a customized school and also because it’s for 50+ students. I’ve studied in other schools, but it was difficult to study with younger people - they are too fast and it’s hard to keep up. What I like the most about Tea Time is the cheerful mood, we also have field trips and games, and that makes Tea Time a unique and special place. I like the classes - they are dynamic, and time flies. I really enjoy everything that is taught to us, and I’ve realized that I’ve been learning a lot - and this makes me super excited!”


“‘Tea Time’ are magic words for me, because, even being a retired man, I still have activities every week, my mind keeps active, I practice the language I’ve been studying for years, and - even better - I make friends and have so much fun!”


“I have looked for so long for an English school just like Tea Time! The affection, the care and competence of the teachers in all of their activities are wonderful! It meets all of my objectives and interests. I love my English school!”


“I’m at Tea Time because it’s a place that congregates people who are on the same life moment, with similar knowledge and interests. It’s a pleasant and stimulating place that is always proposing challenges, keeping us active and eager for more.”


“I’ve searched many courses around the city in which I could learn English, but most of them are focused exclusively in a younger audience. I found exactly what I was looking for in a report published in the newspaper Gazeta do Povo -- a course where I could learn English, learn to understand, speak and sing songs, allowing me to watch movies and travel without worrying about the language barrier in any place, because if you speak English, you can travel anywhere and communicate successfully."


“I study English at Tea Time because this school is appropriate for the moment I am experiencing in my life. I have classmates of the same age group, we enjoy relaxing moments, and I learn English - which is important to travel.”